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I’m back :)

A whole year later and I’m back on the dashboard!! Let’s see how long this lasts lol!

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Been real folks

Thinking about deleting this acct…lost my interest :( and schools about to start need to focus

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omg, what?

oh god


my stomach hurts from laughing.

my soul is SLAIN!!!!

No words

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Finally saw my grades for this semester and I passed…insert praise dance ;) no seriously considering the situation (i had to take “remedial” classes) I was on conditonal admittance and on the verge of not possibly not getting loans for this Fall sem sooo needless to saaayy lol I passed those hoes with an A and B. I was Blessed with the B in that Math class bc Lawd knows lol but Look at God ;)

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Awaiting my flight leaving BWI that was supposed to leave an hour and a half ago … well I won’t be departing until midnight and arriving in Hsv at 1am ish ;) … It could be worse

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Excuse me…

While I step on my soap box for a few…it really irritates the hell out of me after a “long” days work from a shitty pt job > I’m home relaxing with my bf watching tv and the programs are overloaded with several commercials advertising education…I’m not knocking ones attainment of bettering their future all for it (I work at an educational center…primary mission) but what gets me is how AA degrees seem to be glorified and its an easy access into an unspecified career field it all seems so “simple” yet I’ve had a BS for two and a half years worked on 2 Master degrees yet Im still in the same place I’ve started I know I can’t compare apples to oranges but come on…as I digress I know what and who holds my future it just gets discouraging knowing you have less than a month to find a job…I just hate those commercials bc they can be misleading ;)

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idc how good everyone says FWB is…this will ALWAYS be my favorite.


idc how good everyone says FWB is…this will ALWAYS be my favorite.

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Reblog if people say you don’t look your age.

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